Microspraying - A trend for our future

| Technology

The further development of resource-saving technologies is a defining issue in the die casting industry. Wollin absolutely keeps up with the trend with the development of the patented Eco+ spray technology.

The use of oil- or water-based concentrates, combined with our Eco+ micro-spray technology, offers enormous advantages: The efficiency of the die casting process can be significantly increased, thus conserving resources. The energy required for mold tempering is considerably reduced when using this technology, the mold is not subject to thermal shock, and this brings considerable potential savings in release agent consumption, mould life, energy and CO2 consumption!

Wollin Eco+ can be ideally metered when the right spray nozzle is selected. True to the motto: "Less is more, even less is better".

This not only saves your budget, but also our environment!

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